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As an existing Millenniumgroup account holder you now have the ability to purchase from a range of over 500,000 items, with the ease of using a mobile phone, laptop or PC. If you already have an online user name & password simply enter your own username & password.

If you are yet to receive a username & login, you can use the following details to log in as a guest. Live stock levels and list prices can be viewed with the demonstration login details but contact us directly with your enquiry/order requirements

User name (note capitals, M & D) = MillenniumDemo
Password = kramp123

You can apply for your personal user name and password by simply selecting the login registration form, below, and following the instructions. Enter your details in the PDF document and email it back to  accounts@millenniumgroup.co.uk 
Once your registration has been accepted & you have received a confirmation email you will be free to access and purchase directly from our online range.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like assistance