PTO & propshaft spares

Walterscheid, Bondioli, Comer, Sparex and other common brands. Extensive stocks of PTO yokes, universal joints, profile tubing and guards. Over-run and overload clutches and spares also available. Automotive and marine propshafts built to order, modified and repaired

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Drive belts & pulleys

‘V’, wedge, timing and HTD drive belts. Taper-fit and pilot bore pulleys. Applications include agriculture, ventilation equipment, grasscutting machinery, alternators & air conditioning.

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Tyre Couplings

The use of a tyre coupling is an ideal solution where it is difficult to get perfect alignment of two shafts. The tyre, itself, can also be used to prevent excessive end float.

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Motors & gearboxes

AC & DC Motors, gearboxes, anti-vibration mounts and shaft drive couplings. Like-for-like replacements and assistance in selecting the correct items for new and modified applications

Roller chain & sprockets

Stocks include British and ANSI standard roller chains up to 2″ pitch. Taper-fit or pilot bore sprockets. Full range of Taper fit bushes. Attachment chains can be made to order.

Roller chain

Stocks include British and ANSI standard roller chains up to 2″ pitch

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Pilot bore sprockets

We also offer a sprocket ready machined for mounting directly onto shafts or machined to match original samples

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Taper bore sprockets

Ideal for applications where replacement ‘downtime’ needs to be kept to a minimum. They use pre-bored taper bushes and allow for altering shaft size without delay

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Taper bushes

Extensive stocks of bushes for sprockets, pulleys, couplings, etc from 10mm bore

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Chain tools & accessories

Rivet extracting tools and other chain maintenance items

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Rotary shaft seals

Rotary shaft seals & hub seals. Identify from sizes and/or applications

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Hydraulic hoses, fittings and seals

Hose assemblies while you wait! Immediate response to hose replacement.

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